i promise this is my last ‘rogue one’ complaint… hahaha prolly not

One of the worst parts of the original Star Wars trilogy is how we never got to see any female pilots.  That, my friends, is some bullshit.


While I love the original trilogy, this glaring omission always troubled me. As the world progressed and our society brought the original Star Wars movies into future with us, the films’ treatment of women stood out like tar on a freshly snow-covered field, something made all the more embarrassing given the modern advancement of women’s rights.

Well no longer!

Rogue One’s best cameo is female pilots, after 33 years on the cutting room floor

Some sexists out there may point out how when the original trilogy was made, no country in the world allowed women to become fighter pilots (with a few wartime exceptions) and so it would make perfect sense to not include them.

Other sexists may point how correcting this ugliness doesn’t really square with the apparent goals of the people casting the movie, who weren’t really talking about making the share of women in the movie more realistic.  If they had, based on the stats alluded to above and the number of women involved in most rebellions, we probably would see fewer women on screen than we do in Rogue One.

But I’m not sexist so I won’t entertain such talk.

Thank God we’ve reached the modern age.  Sure, women worldwide still have actual problems, but at least we can cross “women who make up 0.01% of fighter pilots are not in movies” off the list.

We still have a long way to go, though:

Why Hasn’t ‘Star Wars’ Hired a Female Director?

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