CNN fight: toby keith v. beyonce

CNN is so on-point these days.  Does defending Toby Keith count as “fake news?”  You decide!

If you’re like me, you never watch CNN so, first of all, you might be thinking, “Who’s this Kayleigh Mcenany?”  You might also be thinking, “Sup, girl.”  Well I first noticed her a few years ago when I used to watch Red Eye on Fox News.  I kind of got turned off by the show when they quit having weird and/or controversial guests and everyone started arriving on set sober.  Kayleigh was among the first of those guests who started boring me.  Try as she might, she just couldn’t keep up with the banter of the rest of the panel and ended up reciting her prepared points when it was her turn to talk, thus bringing down the overall energy (much like my writing).  Buuut, she looked great in the “leg chair” and was a continuing guest.

Something about passionate conservative chicks does it for me (probably a combination of physical looks, an oft-fiery attitude, and a prudish-on-the-outside-freak-on-the-inside vibe) so I did Google her at the time.  Back in the day, she ran a site called which featured a few of her own articles as well as columns from seemingly any random person who emailed her as long as the writing was of the libertarianesque-conservative-free market-religious variety.  Mostly, these guest posts were from Republican guys who thought if they just wrote the perfect column, Kayleigh would sleep with them (spoiler alert: this will never work). Shockingly, the site didn’t get much traffic.  Internet archives for it are lacking so you’ll have to take my word for it.  However, even if your website fails, I have to admire the gumption required for such an undertaking.

Skip to today and it looks as if Kayleigh has parlayed that same enthusiasm, mid-level intellect, and fantastic good looks into a gig on CNN.

You know what?  Good for her.

As far as the content of the video, we can debate the artistic merits of Toby Keith versus Beyonce all day but I’m not sure that can be easily settled.  Which is a higher art form, strumming a guitar while singing about dive bars and the military blowing shit up or popping your ass on stage and singing about your kickass blowjobs?  Oh how can I choose?!

My main takeaway from this video was Marc Lamont Hill quickly realizing he was participating in a potentially viral internet moment and adjusting accordingly.

Starts with genuine-surprise face:




ends with “I really, really hope this goes viral and I become a meme” face:


Hahaha nice job, Marc, you clown.

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