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libertarians here, there, and everywhere (on facebook)

Here’s a meme which a libertarian friend of mine posted on Facebook.  I found it pretty funny and somewhat true, just a little incomplete.  Our friendly exchange is below.  The last comment is another friend of his who seemed to … Continue reading

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phd can’t get married and mr harm gets a little wistful

In case you don’t want to watch the video I can summarize for you.  A woman with a PhD in history stands on a stage and unwittingly humiliates herself in front of a large audience while she laments her pitiful … Continue reading

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breakthrough: trying to find love while also being obsessed with physical looks will always be a disaster

According to this rather insightful article, LDS singles  (and I’ll extend it to non-Mormons, too) are too caught up into whether or not their partners are physically attractive. They think that they won’t have as enjoyable of sex or that … Continue reading

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