libertarians here, there, and everywhere (on facebook)

Here’s a meme which a libertarian friend of mine posted on Facebook.  I found it pretty funny and somewhat true, just a little incomplete.  Our friendly exchange is below.  The last comment is another friend of his who seemed to chime in with support for my point.


ME: Where’s the picture of when he puts a suit back on and gets a MAGA hat? Asking for a friend.

FRIEND: It goes the other way, MrHarm. You’ll soon value the ethics of liberty 🙂 [[he links to Rothbard’s “Ethics of Liberty”]]

ME: Already gone down that road to serfdom, my friend. I was told there would be cake… exchanged under free market conditions, of course.

FRIEND: If liberty leads to serfdom then I’m stumped. Perhaps you are implying libertarianism leads to serfdom? Libertarianism, as defined by yours truly (and not necessarily many of the party), is the application (or largely the lack thereof) of government to increase liberty – so maybe I need to turn on my own party? 🙂

OTHER DUDE: lacking the time to go over the argument again, and I’m stepping onto ground well outside what I’m able to articulately defend at the moment, but I am suspicious Liberty may very well lead inevitably to slavery.



“Perhaps you are implying libertarianism leads to serfdom?” Ding, ding, ding tell him what he’s won, Johnny! Why, an utter destruction of his faith in the libertarian dogmas he’s been following since freshman year of college!

(Also, it sounds like OTHER DUDE is on the road to becoming a Neoreactionary.  Come back to the light, OTHER DUDE!)

I think I’ve put my finger on why so many Mormons are political wusses. They’re all libertarians! At least the young ones. That, or bored housewives who start liking Evan McMullin <shudder>. Think about it: imagine you’re a young Mormon male looking for a political philosophy.

Liberalism? Nah, too grotesque and wicked. Abortions? Feminism? No thanks.

Republicanism? Too war-mongering, corrupt, and ineffective. Bush lied, people died.

Conservatism? It mostly aligns with my values but it’s definitely full of a bunch of meanies — I wouldn’t want to alienate any ward members or potential investigators. And think of all those poor impoverish immigrants! WWJD?

Libertarianism? Well now! Here’s something that puts a nice package around the principles I project onto the Founding Fathers, the Book of Mormon, and personal agency and liberty. Also, I get to reject Leftism while still pretending to be tolerant, never contend with the PC myths of ultra-egalitarianism or multiculturalism, and virtue-signal by complaining about Republicans, all while justifying my own political laziness because “no one out there aligns with my views.”

Game. Set. Match.

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