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anti-feminism deep thought of the day

Feminists celebrate women’s mass entrance into the workplace and politics, gained almost completely through the coercive power of the state.  But through this they are now nothing more than cogs in the same all-consuming consumerist machine as men and thus … Continue reading

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someone thinks there’s a coming revolution within mormon culture — umm what??

Executive summary:  Someone writes a long article complaining about Mormons being too judgy and how there’s gonna be a “revolution” against it.  I write an article that’s almost as long explaining why this is a dumb premise and how there’s … Continue reading

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wonderfully mean scene from man seeking woman

Ugh. Biology is a tough, cruel, sadistic bitch. Just because it’s a comedy doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks, ladies, and I know it’s not fair. But you have to be realistic about things. There is an idea … Continue reading

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presenting “duke fans are nerds: an investigative analysis”

All we hear is how “wild” Duke fans are and how “intimidating” Cameron Indoor is.  I blame Dick Vitale for this.  God love him, for years he just couldn’t help himself from yelling, “Look at the fans!  Look at the … Continue reading

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why i’m no longer a libertarian

These type of posts are so fun, right?  It seems everyone these days writes with an attitude that says, “I’m important.  Read what I have to say, not because it’s that informative, clever, or artistic, but simply because I said it.  Me.” … Continue reading

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