another “los angeles sucks” article — choo choo all aboard the hate train

It really isn’t fair.  I write a blog trashing this wasteland of a city and since then everywhere I look I see nothing but validation.

First it was how expensive it is to drive a car on the narrow strips disjointed rock we call roads.  And it’s only getting worse.  Recently, after a bit of light rain, we were all surprised to learn that our roads are actually made out of fucking paper mache.  (And don’t try telling me it was a lot of rain; I’ve lived in the Midwest, South, and Northwest.)

And now, it’s this:


Oops, that’s one talking about the ever-increasing percentage of Angelenos who find their lives utterly unfulfilling and meaningless.

No, the article I meant to link was this one:

Traffic study ranks Los Angeles as world’s most clogged city

I mean, what can I say that my blood pressure and seething hatred for Eric Garcetti hasn’t already said?

Cue the music!

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