wonderfully mean scene from man seeking woman

Ugh. Biology is a tough, cruel, sadistic bitch.

Just because it’s a comedy doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks, ladies, and I know it’s not fair. But you have to be realistic about things.

There is an idea currently popular among young men and women (but especially women) that their 20’s are for themselves–to travel, spend lots of time/money on hobbies, and date/sleep around.  This is bogus.  Your entire life is for yourself.  What I mean is that your 20’s are not time off, they are a contribution to the whole.  If you have things you want in the future (and most people will be happier with marriage and family), sometimes you need to start now on them, just like the woman in this video.  We’ve lost sight of this and now are creating far too many lonely women.  As always, I blame feminism but excessive materialism plays a large role, too.

Sure, some things can be delayed. For example, many people don’t figure out their career aspirations until well into their 30’s.  However, if you’re female it’s time to get started on the family thing.  I’ve said for a while that the most important thing a woman can do in her 20’s is find a good man. True happiness for both sexes comes from finding a good spouse but (again, sorry) a man’s time window is bigger.

Attention millennials: you want to be happy? Start with self-improvement and do it in this way: Men, ask yourselves what you’re doing to make yourself a better husband and father. Women, are you becoming a better wife and mother? What kinds of attributes do those things entail?  Here’s a hint: it has less to do with your job and hobbies and more to do with living as your grandparents did. Even if, for whatever reason, family and all that is delayed for you, the kind of person you will become if what I said above is your goal will make you more attractive to the opposite sex and more likely to succeed in dating and a relationship. Give it a try.


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