reactions from the comment section on the london attacks (language warning)

Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Ends in Explosion, Panic and Death

Another tragedy in Europe perpetrated by a Muslim.  We don’t actually know at this time for certain if it was a Muslim, but let me put it this way: I read a Tweet right after one of the last terrorist attacks and I can no longer find the Tweet but the point is still relevant.  The writer was at a bar when the news came on reporting the attack.  He looked around and asked aloud, “Anyone here think this was done by a young Jewish kid?”

If you’re like me, you are a little saddened by the news, but hardly surprised.  You are also frustrated and angry.  For now, let’s just commiserate with some of the commentors at Barstool Sports.

To start, we get the generic, but sincere, heartfelt sorrow.  Notice the number of upvotes.

But people also know what is really going on.

So many people with anger.  I think it’s righteous anger, too.  The time for posting hashtags is over.  It’s time to be men and say what we’re all thinking.

Nigel Farage said something similar to these next two.

Unfortunately, the Brits have already had this lesson:

Also, call me crazy, but I agree with all the alternative-media pundits out there: people are waking up to all the bullshit they’ve been getting fed from the elites.  Here is a small example.  I posted something almost identical to this next comment about a year ago on Barstool.  No one want to hear it.  I got attacked left and right.  Now?  At least some people are willing to learn hard facts.  The next step is remembering that the media and French government tried to cover this up.

And don’t think more and more people are not understanding how the mainstream news is full of amoral liars.  You can now easily predict the narrative.

That last one is flirting with the point that it might be time to ask whether Islam itself is the problem.  This attack, and things like Sharia Patrols are making the point for me.

And we end with my favorite.  An impassioned (and perhaps poetic) plea for people to ask the tough questions.  Together with some healthy vitriol for those who have encouraged the transformation of Europe and America via demographic changes.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, toughguy.


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