we will win no matter what: the case for staying on the trump train

There’s no easy way to go about this: Trump is disappointing and frustrating many of his staunchest supporters, the very people who put him in office.  We have people from Paul Joseph Watson to Mike Cernovich to Richard Spencer (detailed here) all taking their shots at Trump and drumming up anger from his base.   They all have understandable grievances and these grievances are about things that are not just the work of the deep state — those unelected bureaucrats in the government who are trying with all their might to “resist” the president — but mistakes Trump is making all on his own.  Things like bombing Syria, failing to rescind DACA, advancing a budget without funding for a wall, focusing too much on healthcare, backing off his brand of nationalism, and not pushing H1-B reform.

I wrote a letter to VDare a couple weeks ago in which I expressed continuing support for Trump despite all that he’s done that irritates me.  As I’ve written in the past, Americans put him in office for policy changes, not because he has cool handshakes and awesome hair.  However, it is not yet time to come after him for “betraying” us.  Considering all that’s happened in the first 5 months of his presidency, four years is a long time.  There will be plenty of time to run him out of the White House, but not yet.

People like Cernovich, Watson, and Spencer are too quick to abandon Trump.  They underestimate the powers that work against the president and the influence these powers have over on almost everyone who surrounds him.  Sure, Trump should have been smarter with his appointments and the transition into office, but that’s easy to say from the outside.  It’s clear that Trump underestimated the Deep State as well and this is primarily the reason his administration has been so passive on many of his key campaign promises.  However, as Trump slowly beats those forces back, there will be space for him to do meaningful things for us Americans.  Further, we who put him in office should be the ones to take him down for not fulfilling his promises, not these traitors in the government.

In the NBA, when a team drafts a new player, they get to retain that player at a cheap salary for a 3-year “rookie contract.”  So if he’s not panning out after year 1, there’s little to lose by keeping him around for another two years to see what kind of player he’s capable of becoming.  We as a nation essentially drafted Trump for a 4-year rookie contract.  Why kick him out after 5 months?  Let’s support him and see what he grows into.

Is that not enough reason for you?  Let me break it down further.

As PJW says, “conservatism is the new counter-culture.”  I believe we are on the path to victory — that nationalism, traditionalism, and patriotism are the future.  I will explain why our path is assured no matter the type of presidency Trump has.  I’ve constructed a model in which Trump’s time in office will be characterized by one of three basic presidency-types: 1) Successful, 2) Defeated, and 3) Betrayal.  I outline how whichever world we end up in, our goals and movement will “win” in the long run.  Each presidency-type also includes a potential “Risk Factor” that will undermine our win and the likelihood of this Risk Factor, together with the likelihood of the overall presidency-type, will influence which presidency-type you prefer.

Trump Presidency-Type 1: “Successful”  Trump listens to Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions and uses them to root out traitors, leakers, and pedophiles. He then is free to act and keeps most of his promises on immigration, terrorism, and foreign wars. America prospers economically and the (largely white) middle-class which elected Trump unites behind more candidates like him.  Nationalism and traditional values flow naturally from this.

Risk Factor: Trump’s brand of civic nationalism creates such prosperity and optimism that Americans become complacent and never answer the existential question posed by large-scale immigration.  They remain duped by the historically-unprecedented belief that one can drastically change the demographics of his nation without drastically changing the nation itself.  This contentment with Trump’s successes causes Americans to start electing Republicans-as-usual, a la George HW Bush following Ronald Reagan.  Whatever you think about Reagan, the fact remains the American public went from an America-first populist president to someone who they thought would be more of the same, only to see it backfire.

While this presidency-type at first seems like a good thing (watching Trump keep his promises), I think the Risk Factor has a decent likelihood and could set us back for many years.

Trump Presidency-Type 2: “Defeated”  Trump only partially stamps out his opposition within the government and is ultimately defeated by backstabbing Republicans, the lying Cultural Marxist press, and unconstitutional judges.  As a result, Americans realize that even if they get their man in office, the system is utterly broken, our democracy is a farce, and we must use other means to secure our nation.  What these “other means” are I do not yet know, but I know a government cannot survive which disregards its people so thoroughly.  The middle-class grassroot supporters that once flocked to Trump rallies now flock to nationalists, Alt-Righters, and paleo-conservatives.

Potential Risk Factor: Americans don’t realize it was the courts and media who did this to them and continue to look for the next America-first “conservative” candidate instead of rejecting the journalist class and demanding a revamping of the court system.

This is the presidency-type I would favor. I think the Risk Factor only has a small likelihood (especially given the current distrust of mainstream media). Also, since I believe Trump is not a charlatan or a shill, just an ignoramus, I think this presidency-type is the most likely one.

Trump Presidency Type-1a: “Defeated Misinterpreted as Successful”  Trump has the appearance of a “Successful” presidency-type (type 1), but actually is in the “Defeated” presidency-type (type 2).  Many Americans will understand this and have the reaction described in “Defeated” above, but the rest of them are duped by the pro-Trump media (and the Leftist media wanting to divide us) into thinking we’re in “Successful.”  This means many Americans will still fall in the trap of voting for the next Trump-ish candidate when they should be aligning with the rest of us and demanding a reinvention of a broken system.

Trump Presidency Type-3: “Betrayal”  Trump completely betrays us and accomplishes none of his important campaign promises.  We get no wall, no meaningful immigration reform, wars in the Middle East, and more refugees.  All the anti-Trump anarchist/libertarians get to say “told ya so” and Trump goes down in history as either a shill, a cuck, or simply a failure.  Americans who voted for Trump now understand that we will never have the candidate we need.  No elite, regardless of his promises, will ever put our interests first.  Millions realize that we in the non-traditional-conservative camp are the only ones fighting for their civilization and their future and our numbers grow.

Potential Risk Factor: Americans remain susceptible to the next Trump-like candidate who promises the right things.  They don’t realize that no one is coming to save them and think all we need to do is quit voting for either party until they present us with the right candidate.  (This is the strategy we’ve been applying for the last half century.  Has it worked?)

The difference between this Risk Factor and the Risk Factor in “Defeated” is that in “Defeated” we are dealing with a defeat orchestrated by the Left, but we selected the right man.  We can avoid the Defeated Risk Factor if we simply continue to distrust the mainstream media.  For the Risk Factor in “Betrayal” we are not understanding that the candidates themselves are the problem.  Perhaps the system is broken, too, but we’ll never know since we won’t have a good candidate to test it.

I think this presidency-type is the least likely since, as I said above, I don’t think Trump is a charlatan or a cuck (but I could be wrong).  While the outcome seems like a bad thing at face value, it may not actually be too bad — we win in the long run as more people align with our ideas.  On the other hand, the potential risk factor I identified would be catastrophic.  It would essentially put us back at square one — hiding in our communities watching our nation vanish while we meekly stand by and wait for some lying politician to promise to save us.

Which world are we living in, Successful, Defeated, or Betrayal?  To find out, we will need to support Trump for the time being.  Do not underestimate the roll a passionate base has in the politics of Washington, DC.  We can insulate Trump from political pressure and bolster his resolve.  Our continued support will also cause the mainstream media to continue to fall out of favor with both the American public and the White House.  Let us be the enthusiastic base that got him elected. There will be time for dragging him out by that giant head of hair but that time is not yet.

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