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how to be happy in today’s society

Anyone with any experience in organizational leadership knows that what makes a difference are ACTION ITEMS.  Dreams, ideas, and visions are all important, but change comes in doing. The largest problem in our personal lives is that we have given … Continue reading

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we will win no matter what: the case for staying on the trump train

There’s no easy way to go about this: Trump is disappointing and frustrating many of his staunchest supporters, the very people who put him in office.  We have people from Paul Joseph Watson to Mike Cernovich to Richard Spencer (detailed … Continue reading

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reactions from the comment section on the london attacks (language warning)

Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Ends in Explosion, Panic and Death Another tragedy in Europe perpetrated by a Muslim.  We don’t actually know at this time for certain if it was a Muslim, but let me put it this way: I … Continue reading

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republish: so many non-leftist normies still don’t understand why trump won

Note:  This was published a few months ago at a different blog.  I’m re-posting it here because I’m trying to consolidate my writing into one place.  Plus, with all the people jumping off the Trump Train because of his failings, … Continue reading

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women and their stupid friends: “he’s nice, but is he good enough for you?”

A female acquaintance of mine asked this on Twitter a while back and I haven’t yet had the chance to break it down. What a wonderful insight into how women’s brains operate.  Like little factories with nothing but destructive thinking … Continue reading

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