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how to be happy in today’s society

Anyone with any experience in organizational leadership knows that what makes a difference are ACTION ITEMS.  Dreams, ideas, and visions are all important, but change comes in doing. The largest problem in our personal lives is that we have given … Continue reading

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republish: so many non-leftist normies still don’t understand why trump won

Note:  This was published a few months ago at a different blog.  I’m re-posting it here because I’m trying to consolidate my writing into one place.  Plus, with all the people jumping off the Trump Train because of his failings, … Continue reading

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guy rails against the friendzone in a roundabout manner, i help him out

Attention women: stop friendzoning and start having children, says the following article. Why Men and Women Can Never Be ‘Just Friends’ Any article that even approaches advocating both genders live a bit more traditionally–you know, by doing doing things like … Continue reading

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anti-feminism deep thought of the day

Feminists celebrate women’s mass entrance into the workplace and politics, gained almost completely through the coercive power of the state.  But through this they are now nothing more than cogs in the same all-consuming consumerist machine as men and thus … Continue reading

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wonderfully mean scene from man seeking woman

Ugh. Biology is a tough, cruel, sadistic bitch. Just because it’s a comedy doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks, ladies, and I know it’s not fair. But you have to be realistic about things. There is an idea … Continue reading

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