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someone thinks there’s a coming revolution within mormon culture — umm what??

Executive summary:  Someone writes a long article complaining about Mormons being too judgy and how there’s gonna be a “revolution” against it.  I write an article that’s almost as long explaining why this is a dumb premise and how there’s … Continue reading

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#OregonUnderAttack and Mormons

Something about states’ rights.  Federal overreach.  2nd Amendment.  Protesters and such. Don’t caaare. But I do care a little bit when the protesters are citing Mormonism. The family behind the Oregon militia cites Mormon beliefs for armed conflicts with the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Wait, can I still say, “Merry?”

Every single year we have to deal with the same shit. Crowd 1: “Happy Holidays” is politically correct.  Don’t offend anyone not of your religion or anyone who is an atheist.  It’s not all about you Christians! Crowd 2: War … Continue reading

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experience Amsterdam with no drugs and no alcohol and lots of Christian friends! Shelter Jordan is a no-drug and no-alcohol Christian hostel near Anne Frank House and the rest of central Amsterdam. Our guests say ‘if you’re not into partying, drugs or drinking, this is a great place for you’ and have … Continue reading

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wait so its OK to be religious if you support the right candidate?

the religious guy who supports Bernie Read this article but skip the parts where he supports Bernie.  This is exactly the type of religious person modern society (mostly it’s liberals — sorry guys but it’s true) love to mock.  Who … Continue reading

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