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Of all the stuff in our modern world

women and their stupid friends: “he’s nice, but is he good enough for you?”

A female acquaintance of mine asked this on Twitter a while back and I haven’t yet had the chance to break it down. What a wonderful insight into how women’s brains operate.  Like little factories with nothing but destructive thinking … Continue reading

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reposted: world’s worst allstate commercial i can’t believe they’re still running

Never mind, I actually can believe it. Sure this is a repost of an entry I wrote a year and a fucking half ago but since Allstate is content recycling hacky and tired material, I guess I’ll do the same. … Continue reading

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more people that agree with me which implies i am always right

So there’s this guy on YouTube named ramzpaul. Google tells me he’s on the “Alt-Right” but whatever that means, at least he has some ideas on Star Wars that coincide pretty well with mine. Since I’m capable of holding two … Continue reading

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the anti-male commercials just keep rolling

I’ve been complaining about this shit for a long time.  Gavin McInnes has, too.  He also has a funny game: make the same commercial with the same script but replace the white male with a black female.  Watch the outrage … Continue reading

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did that stupid sitcom friends trigger the end of western civilization?

You may not think this about me, but I love seeing people post articles on Facebook. Like Jack Donaghy said, “It’s like seeing a dog wearing clothes.” I get to not only read an article that is silly and uninspiring, but also … Continue reading

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