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women and their stupid friends: “he’s nice, but is he good enough for you?”

A female acquaintance of mine asked this on Twitter a while back and I haven’t yet had the chance to break it down. What a wonderful insight into how women’s brains operate.  Like little factories with nothing but destructive thinking … Continue reading

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united airlines crybaby gets paid

United Airlines reaches settlement with passenger who was dragged off plane What a magical story about the Asian doctor who became an international sensation on the internet after he chose to make a random United flight his hill to die … Continue reading

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libertarians here, there, and everywhere (on facebook)

Here’s a meme which a libertarian friend of mine posted on Facebook.  I found it pretty funny and somewhat true, just a little incomplete.  Our friendly exchange is below.  The last comment is another friend of his who seemed to … Continue reading

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i see you’ve played knifey spoony before

[[link if it doesn’t play on mobile]] She takes that taze like a champ. She was charged with “holding a knife in public?” What the hell, Australia?   Grow a pair. *   * Cause “that’s not a knife.” Quick compilation … Continue reading

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los angeles is a dump: evidence presented in easy-to-read bullets!

I’ve said it before many times: LA is a piece of shit city that has a few nice spots and good weather that makes you trick yourself into thinking the whole place is nice.  But it isn’t and you’re just … Continue reading

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