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someone thinks there’s a coming revolution within mormon culture — umm what??

Executive summary:  Someone writes a long article complaining about Mormons being too judgy and how there’s gonna be a “revolution” against it.  I write an article that’s almost as long explaining why this is a dumb premise and how there’s … Continue reading

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wait so its OK to be religious if you support the right candidate?

the religious guy who supports Bernie Read this article but skip the parts where he supports Bernie.  This is exactly the type of religious person modern society (mostly it’s liberals — sorry guys but it’s true) love to mock.  Who … Continue reading

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neil tyson is so smart i can’t stand it

Nice to be back after a very busy time with work and vacation.  And we start off with a fun one.  Neil deGrasse Tyson, the leading science-prophet of our day, gives us the 8 most important books to read and … Continue reading

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