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rogue one trailer: how many more male roles are we going to have women play?

Welp, since one wasn’t enough, the Big D had to double down: Coming to theaters soon is Episode 2 of Star Wars: Female Reboot.  Gear up this December for an Epic Showdown between Woman and Sinister Man who for some reason … Continue reading

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my brief encounter with male feminist

  My comment on the video, responding to the female who ripped Frozen for having weak male characters and expressed her desire for strong, chivalrous, masculine men: “Fair enough. And I want real women. Women who are feminine, skilled homemakers, and … Continue reading

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movie review for tomorrowland

Pretty watchable with George and Hugh Laurie but ends with a ton of pie-in-the-sky bullshit about “we need more dreamers” AKA “people who go to Disneyland and watch our movies.” IMDB for Tomorrowland

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