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phd can’t get married and mr harm gets a little wistful

In case you don’t want to watch the video I can summarize for you.  A woman with a PhD in history stands on a stage and unwittingly humiliates herself in front of a large audience while she laments her pitiful … Continue reading

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ugly feminists once again act like they are upset because someone did something normal, this time its steve martin

This is getting pretty predictable: Someone does something benign Feminists get “outraged” People overreact to feminist outrage   OK, now that everyone knows their role, I can continue with Step 3. Steve Martin tweeted a caring and rather sweet message … Continue reading

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shocker of the century: me being an asshole irritated someone

In response to my post about the new Rogue One trailer, another blogger decided to write a rebuttal to every point I made. Here’s the link. Now is this the part where I respond to the response?  Go point by point … Continue reading

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my return to the high horse to lecture women

An article someone sent me written at The Federalist by a mother-of-four author and columnist. What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy Good article and God knows I agree with her premise and most of her points, but there’s a key … Continue reading

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my brief encounter with male feminist

  My comment on the video, responding to the female who ripped Frozen for having weak male characters and expressed her desire for strong, chivalrous, masculine men: “Fair enough. And I want real women. Women who are feminine, skilled homemakers, and … Continue reading

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