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another “los angeles sucks” article — choo choo all aboard the hate train

It really isn’t fair.  I write a blog trashing this wasteland of a city and since then everywhere I look I see nothing but validation. First it was how expensive it is to drive a car on the narrow strips disjointed rock we … Continue reading

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california knows how to party

From 2014: Angelenos Spend An Extra $2,485 Each Year Because Of Our Crappy Roads From 2016: L.A. Drivers Pay Nearly $3,000 A Year For Traffic, Crashes And Bad Roads, Says Report Statistics may not be my strong suit, but this seems like a … Continue reading

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los angeles is a dump: evidence presented in easy-to-read bullets!

I’ve said it before many times: LA is a piece of shit city that has a few nice spots and good weather that makes you trick yourself into thinking the whole place is nice.  But it isn’t and you’re just … Continue reading

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not a good look for Colin Cowherd in the man department

  Let’s run this back.  Colin… Is bad with directions Shops at Lowe’s instead of Home Depot Watches Red Zone * Complains about not having the little yellow first down line (Hey bro, you ever see that giant fucking marker … Continue reading

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is the secret finally out on Los Angeles as a sports town?

I’ve lived here for a few years.  I’ve gone to college football games, college basketball games, NBA regular season and playoff games, and many baseball games.  The evidence is overwhelming: Los Angeles is a terrible sports city.  Watch any nationally televised … Continue reading

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