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lady gaga’s superbowl national anthem: patriotic grandstanding and pageantry

(video posted at the bottom) “Crushing it.”  – Lady Gaga’s brain.   I’m not going to fire up the Hot Take generator regarding the National Anthem a la Kevin Blackiston, but I will say this: I could not roll my eyes … Continue reading

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not a good look for Colin Cowherd in the man department

  Let’s run this back.  Colin… Is bad with directions Shops at Lowe’s instead of Home Depot Watches Red Zone * Complains about not having the little yellow first down line (Hey bro, you ever see that giant fucking marker … Continue reading

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kia participation trophy commercial analysis

Watching the Colts-Pats game tonight but I had to pause it and write about this. First time I’ve seen this commercial and it had me laughing: A couple thoughts: 1) Love the tough guys pumping their fists to this commercial. … Continue reading

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is the secret finally out on Los Angeles as a sports town?

I’ve lived here for a few years.  I’ve gone to college football games, college basketball games, NBA regular season and playoff games, and many baseball games.  The evidence is overwhelming: Los Angeles is a terrible sports city.  Watch any nationally televised … Continue reading

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sports have reached the tipping point: there are too many fans

“Interesting” story about Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo.  It’s making the rounds on a lot of sports blogs today. “Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo has total meltdown during practice” “Mike Yeo goes bonkers at Wild practice, leaves ice … Continue reading

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