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the dark knight explains donald trump

  How’s this for an analogy (stick with me here)? Batman = Obama, Democrats, GOP Establishment, Ruling Elites, Mass Media, PC Crowd The Mob = American People, especially Middle America Joker = Donald Trump Alfred = Me   Now watch … Continue reading

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kia participation trophy commercial analysis

Watching the Colts-Pats game tonight but I had to pause it and write about this. First time I’ve seen this commercial and it had me laughing: A couple thoughts: 1) Love the tough guys pumping their fists to this commercial. … Continue reading

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women getting cat-called in NYC and everyone is wrong about it: feminists and the normals

There is something about this video that EVERY person seems to be missing.  We’ll get to that in a sec. Firstly, the feminists, as usual, don’t perceive reality correctly.  That’s a given.  So we can safely ignore them. So then … Continue reading

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not the PC warrior we deserve but the PC warrior we need

https://twitter.com/KatzM/status/528192190573338626 Christ al-fucking-mighty.  This is who is covering sports these days.  Bruh, fuck outta my face with this.  It’s hard to find a tweet that better encapsulates the modern sports blogger – completely vanilla and self-serving (Barstool Sports calls them … Continue reading

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