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women and their stupid friends: “he’s nice, but is he good enough for you?”

A female acquaintance of mine asked this on Twitter a while back and I haven’t yet had the chance to break it down. What a wonderful insight into how women’s brains operate.  Like little factories with nothing but destructive thinking … Continue reading

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guy rails against the friendzone in a roundabout manner, i help him out

Attention women: stop friendzoning and start having children, says the following article. Why Men and Women Can Never Be ‘Just Friends’ Any article that even approaches advocating both genders live a bit more traditionally–you know, by doing doing things like … Continue reading

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article link: helping women know the keys to a great relationship

Does not get much better than this article. This guy gets it. His wife gets it. Every woman who applies these things will also get it. 10 FOR SURE Ways To Get A Man To Love You Forever (Yes, Forever) … Continue reading

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guys don’t care if their girl likes sports

Woman teaches other women how to pretend to like sports. Usually I copy text from the article and respond, but there’s no need to do that here.  The point is this: some woman thinks that she’ll expand her dating pool … Continue reading

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