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i promise this is my last ‘rogue one’ complaint… hahaha prolly not

One of the worst parts of the original Star Wars trilogy is how we never got to see any female pilots.  That, my friends, is some bullshit.   While I love the original trilogy, this glaring omission always troubled me. … Continue reading

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follow-up to Rogue One trailer: i’m right

Rogue One: Felicity Jones on the importance of women in the Rebellion Money quotes: To help the Rebellion secure the plans that will eventually help Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star, her conscripted outlaw will fight in space, on land, … Continue reading

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shocker of the century: me being an asshole irritated someone

In response to my post about the new Rogue One trailer, another blogger decided to write a rebuttal to every point I made. Here’s the link. Now is this the part where I respond to the response?  Go point by point … Continue reading

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rogue one trailer: how many more male roles are we going to have women play?

Welp, since one wasn’t enough, the Big D had to double down: Coming to theaters soon is Episode 2 of Star Wars: Female Reboot.  Gear up this December for an Epic Showdown between Woman and Sinister Man who for some reason … Continue reading

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