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clarifications on my Star Wars VII review

Based on mixed reactions towards my brilliant review of The Force Awakens, the strong assertions I made were hard for some people to hear.  Most of this comes from my saying that these type of movies are less compelling when there is … Continue reading

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feminists ruin Star Wars. thanks girls

This is a brief and targeted review for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.  It should go without saying that this review contains SPOILERS but, really, grow up, people.  With rare exceptions, you shouldn’t care about spoilers.  If a movie … Continue reading

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why does everyone care about Star Wars?

More specifically, why do adults care about Star Wars?  And when I say “care” about Star Wars, I mean they CARE about Star Wars.  Check this picture out.  Not the children.  The grown-ass men next to them.   There are way too … Continue reading

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